To wash or not to wash? ⠀⠀
Only to Be!
Recently a girl on Facebook asked me if she should wash batik before starting the project. The answer is simple! It should not simply be washed, it should be washed to the final purity. I love batik! And it loves me back...⠀

In my projects I use hand-painted batik, produced with the use of hot wax. I have to completely clean the batik from the wax before cutting! I will share with you one of my little secrets: the dark-colored fabrics (black, blue, red and especially Burgundy) I first boil until the molten wax appears on the water surface. I even have a special "saucepan" for this. Get the dirty water out, add clean boiling water and liquid detergent and continue the boiling process (the process must be repeated at least 2 times). Only after that, put batik into the washing machine (dark fabrics separately from white). The colors do not fade and the fabric does not shrink! Proven by years of experience.⠀ ⠀
You may ask - why this should be done? In order to Be:⠀

- Be ready to get a luxurious result and avoid disappointment;

- Be satisfied and pass that satisfaction on to others;

- Be ready to receive only the expected;

- Be careful with batik, love it and respect the work of the people who create it.

In the photo just a bunch of fabrics. After a proper Washing, assembling of the top and stitching, a project came to light, which I am proud of!

I wish you to be proud of your every stitch and always Be!⠀

- Galina Voitova

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