The beginning…
Friends, it came quietly, over a cup of coffee while watching my TV. On the screen, a beautiful and fashionable girl was reporting on the village choir and its participants. Suddenly, one of the grandmothers says: "Come on, I'll show you my house". The camera starts to show the old village house. From the threshold, a large number of embroidered towels, pillows and woven tracks on the floor were conspicuous. And on a high iron bed there was a colorful patchwork quilt. In the eyes of the hostess you could see a visible pride in her own work. The host of the program immediately noted that in the modern interpretation this kind of art is called "patchwork".

I will be honest - up to this point I have not heard such a word. While finishing my cup of coffee, I decided to find out what it was; and immediately did not just plunge, but drowned in it (without a life jacket). 7 years flew by and I'm still there! Each of us has a way to search for our "creative haven". My curiosity, then the interest, then the first attempt at writing (or rather, the seam) to a stop called patchwork. And I don't want to leave this stop ... I stay here.

- Galina Voitova
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