Kraft Bazar (2018)
In October 2018, for the first time in my life I took part in the Kraft Bazar exhibition (crafts fair).
In the very center of St. Petersburg, the doors of the Union of Artists exhibition center opened for the Craft Base 2018 exhibition. Entering there, I saw a bright bunch of craftsmen and artists. They are very talented and special people who have invested beauty, inspiration, courage and a piece of their soul in each of their work. Their works convey that immense love, which is filled with the heart of every master. Of course, an exhibition of works of authorship is an invaluable source of inspiration; there is a special atmosphere and aura. I was inspired by the works of many artists and craftsmen!

The exhibition was a stand with my work, which was appreciated by visitors of the fair. I hope that my work was able to inspire other artists to realize their creative potential. At the exhibition, we held a raffle of patchwork wall panels; the winner was a young man named Alexander. Ahead of new meetings, projects and exhibitions. I am looking forward to it!
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